The United States Council on Global Development (USCGD) is a Washington D.C. based consulting group. We work at the government level to provide comprehensive, growth oriented solutions to the problems that you are addressing in your country. The USCGD can provide turnkey solutions, from trouble-shooting, planning and sourcing, all the way to funding and project management.

Whether you are looking to develop a state of the art medical facility in your capital or you are expanding the electric grid in rural communities, we have the right tools to help you get the job done.

Why do we say “comprehensive”? Because when you are developing a community the answer isn’t often one thing. At The USCGD we like to look at energy, water, agriculture and health as the four pillars to a successful and thriving community. It takes all four of these pillars to hold up the roof! Without energy you will never have adequate access to municipal water supply which is essential to agriculture and healthcare.  Without adequate food security and healthcare your people cannot develop their community, etc.

The USCGD works with experts in all of these fields to provide the most modern solutions whether you are working on micro or macro project levels. We will also work with you to complete your projects within a reasonable time table. Let’s face it, often development projects get passed off from administration to administration due to poor planning and lack of funding. Completing a project 10 years down the road doesn’t benefit your communities and it doesn’t benefit you. People elect governments to get results and the USCGD works with your Ministries and Administrations to address these very needs.

USCGD is currently working with governments in South America, Africa and the Middle East. We are always happy to meet with your delegation at our Washington D.C. office or at your U.S. Embassy for preliminary proposals as well as coming to your country for face to face advanced discussions.