The USCGD has designed a water system that, by simple but modern-day ingenuity, is fully expandable to allow for a community’s expansion. The system utilizes a specifically sized solar grid- designed for each system- to power the well’s electric pump that brings water to the surface, among the many moving parts that the system is comprised of.

The inaugural implementation of the USCGD’s Water Distribution System in the Sinchu Maggai community in Gambia did not come without occasional mechanical and geological difficulty. But through the perseverance, support, and professional experience of our team, and chosen Contractor, every adversity was conquered, and we have no doubts, that with your financial support, we will be as successful on Municipal Well Distribution Systems 2 through 10. Now, on to Well Number 2!

The USCGD is thankful for YOUR personal support in helping our organization to effectively elevate the quality of life of those in rural Gambia whose lives cannot be elevated unless we intervene.

*Donations are tax deductible and will be processed through our sister non-profit Leading Nations Now