Dr. Reuben Egolf - Chairman & President

Dr. Egolf is one of three founders and the Chairman of the United States Council on Global Development. The USCGD is an organization dedicated to the development and improvement of infrastructures through advanced business strategies and sustainable solutions. He speaks in economic business summits concerning ethics in business, leadership strategies, and structuring developing nations for success. He has acted as moderator for many global conferences.

Dr. Egolf is one of three founders of the company STP Energy Solutions that provides energy opportunities in oil and green energy for multiple nations in Africa. He has worked closely with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning Foreign Policy directly related to Syria, Kurdistan, and Middle East conflicts. Dr. Egolf currently spearheads debt reconstruction and is the liaison for economic development for multiple nations in Africa and Asia. Dr. Egolf was the Vice-President of the Human Rights Global Congress (HRGC) from 2013-2016. A United Nations recognized organization that promoted civil dialogue and produced strategies for the defusing of conflict.

He was the host of Experience Life Today a weekly television program he and his wife founded in 2009 that was seen in four states Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia, including Washington DC for nine years. He received the Girma Wolde-Giogis Award (former president of Ethiopia) as a Human Conservation Solutionist as a result of his work as Vice President of the Human Rights Global Congress. Dr. Egolf received an honorary doctorate from United Graduate College and Seminary International for life experience, leadership, achievement, and multiple thesis including the annotation of 2/3rds of the New Testament of the Bible. Dr. Egolf is the senior pastor of Mt. Calvary Tabernacle since 1997. Dr. Egolf has authored five books: Can You Trust God; The Voice Within; Avoiding Relationship Mayhem; Please Grow Up – your life depends on it; The Ruth Mizell Story – Heavenly Favored for Earthly Influence. He was the Washington D.C. Capital Director for the United States National Prayer Council (USNPC) from May 2014 – Jan. 2016.

Dr. Everette Hershey -Vice President

Starting his first company at the age of 18, Dr. Everett Hershey brings 25 + years of experience owning and operating small businesses. He has a get-it-done attitude and is not one to shy away from a challenge. A calculated risk taker, he and his business partner have successfully built and run multiple companies.

In 2005 Dr. Everett Hershey and his business partner purchased, restructured, and actively managed Precision Pallet, LLC. In 2008 they started Precision Transport, LLC, and in 2016 they purchased IBX Lumber, LLC. All of the companies continue to grow and succeed in their sectors. In 2014 Dr. Everett Hershey was awarded the Golden Rule International Award from the Interfaith Peace Building Initiative. In Aug. 2014 Dr. Everett Hershey was given an honorary degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities from the United Graduate College and Seminary International. In 2016 Dr. Hershey was awarded the National Statesmen Degree for the completion of the Presidential Statesmen training through the I Change Nations organization, presented and endorsed by Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers. Dr. Everett Hershey, along with managing his businesses, is currently working around the world to bring a better understanding of business to the next generation - providing them a vision of hope for what is possible if they continue the learning process.

Dr. Leland Hershey - Chief Financial Officer

For over 25 years, Dr. Leland Hershey has focused on entrepreneurial pursuits and business growth. His desire to excel has taken him full-circle from managing a logging crew, to financial planning, and finally to CEO and co-owner of multiple companies. Dr. Hershey’s strong focus on interpersonal relationships and individual accountability has opened the doors to the successes that his business ventures currently experience.

With an eye for opportunity, Dr. Leland Hershey, along with his brother and longtime business partner, acquired the failing Precision Pallet LLC in 2005. They were able to reverse the direction of the company and create the backbone of his future business ventures. In 2008 the partners started Precision Transport LLC, a freight company supporting the rapidly growing Precision Pallet LLC. Seeing opportunity in supply-chain management, Dr. Hershey and his partner acquired and reinvigorated a struggling IBX Lumber LLC in 2016. In 2020, Dr. Leland Hershey co-founded the United States Council on Global Development to offer economic growth through entrepreneurial spirit to others around the world. In 2014 Dr Leland Hershey was awarded the Golden Rule International Award from the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative. Dr Leland Hershey was awarded an, Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities, in August 2014 from United Graduate College and Seminary International. In 2016 Dr Leland Hershey was awarded the National Statesmen Degree for the completion of the Presidential Statesmen Program through ICN “I Change Nations,” awarded and endorsed by Ambassador Dr Clyde Rivers. An active manager, entrepreneur, and family man, Dr. Leland Hershey currently travels around the world to both learn and teach the values he has gained through years in small business and finance.

Dave Rawdon - Director of Project Management

After attending Purdue University’s Engineering curriculum, David (Dave) Rawdon went into the construction trades and in his 40 year career has developed, built, and or managed the construction of a number of industrial, educational, high-rise hospitality, and commercial projects to successful completion.

Mr. Rawdon worked his way through college and has taken that self-starter approach to his career having started as a day laborer, eventually transitioning into trade supervision, then project management to and through the senior levels, and progressing into Director and VP roles.

Mr Rawdon is now CEO of a project management firm based in Boca Raton, Florida, USA that develops and manages projects of various magnitudes and sizes, including representing the interests of investment groups and private individuals as a consultant. Mr. Rawdon is hands on in his approach and believes in dignity, honesty, and creating/cultivating relationships geared toward success. Mr. Rawdon is a board member and Director of Project Management of The USCGD.



Dubb Alexander - Director of Culture

Serving The USCGD as Director of Culture, Dubb Alexander has consulted with business executives and government officials around the world. Mr. Alexander holds Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and he brings unique insights into governmental structures, protocols and outcomes. Mr. Alexander is a certified life coach, he has a background in communications and broadcasting and is the founder of Fathers Add Value, a non-profit organization.

The core of Mr. Alexander's teaching is that we can change a nation's ethos by chosing to believe that every individual's life has value and their contribution to society is worth investing in. We do this by actively Trusting, Encouraging and Championing the individual to fulfill their role in civil society. 





David Windhorn - Director

David Windhorn is a Senior Analyst with The USCGD. Mr. Windhorn is a graduate of CFNI in Dallas, Texas and has an extensive background in management and teambuilding in the retail, medical and communications industries. Mr. Windhorn works with government officials to revive stagnant projects by networking Ministry officials with specialist technitians and funders in the related fields to see national projects through to fuition.  






Jeremy Weaver - Director

Jeremy Weaver is the founder and owner of Surus Group Consulting, a marketing and research company based in Kentucky, USA. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Weaver has honed his skills with a “boots on the ground” approach, working directly with clients in North America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Asia, and most predominantly in Africa.

Although Mr. Weaver’s background is in marketing and computer science the opportunity to do market research in a multitude of industries and cultures has given him an extremely diverse portfolio of experience including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, healthcare, energy, logistics, defense and politics.

Since 2014 Mr. Weaver has served as an advisor and US liaison to Dr. Tshibangu Mukumbay, founder and President of Union du Peuple d’Avenir, a Congolese political party. Mr. Weaver is also the co-founder of STP Energy and Solutions which provides energy opportunities in oil and green energy for multiple nations in Africa.

Mr. Weaver serves on the board of The USCGD, the board of American KURDS NGO and the board of American Kurdistan Life Center LLC. Mr. Weaver lives in Kentucky USA with his wife and four children.