Our Team

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Dr. Egolf is the co-founder and managing member of USCGD. He speaks in economic business summits concerning ethics in business, leadership strategies, and structuring developing nations for success as well as serving as a moderator for many global conferences. He consults on debt reconstruction and and economic development for multiple nations in Africa and Asia. He has worked closely with members of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning Foreign Policy directly related to Syria, Kurdistan, and Middle East conflicts. Dr. Egolf was formerly a Senior Advisor to Prime Minister Bom Jesus of Sao Tome & Principe with diplomatic status. He currently holds the titles of Special Ambassador for Foreign Relations and CEO of the Diplomatic Council for the UNASDG; an affiliate of the United Nations that provides funding and oversite for Sustainable Development Group projects. In this Role, Dr. Egolf has coordinated treaties with the Heads of State of multiple nations.


Leading Nations Inc: Dr. Egolf is CEO of Leading Nations Inc. An NGO serving both domestically in the US and primarily sub-Saharan Africa. Currently providing water distribution projects for 10 districts in Gambia, financial aid to various humanitarian projects in the US, and provides leadership insights for healthcare and medical security in developing nations.

American Kurds NGO: a sister organization to Kurdistan Reconstruction Development Society an ECOSOC member of the United Nations. He is one of two founders of the American Kurdistan Life Center LLC company overseeing a National Medical Campus and Medical School in Irbil, Iraq.

Human Rights Global Congress: Formerly served as Vice-President of the Human Rights Global Congress (HRGC) from 2013-2016. A United Nations recognized organization that promoted civil dialogue and produced strategies for the defusing of conflict.


Received the Girma Wolde-Giogis Award (former president of Ethiopia) as a Human Conservation Solutionist as a result of his work as Vice President of the Human Rights Global Congress.

James B. McCarthy, M.B.A., J.D.

Mr. McCarthy is based Chicago where he addresses legal, organizational structure, development, and financial issues for USCGD clients and partners.  His forty-five years experience in the health care field has ranged from analysis and planning to senior management roles.  His experience includes:

  • developing, financing, and managing hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and diagnostic centers in the United States and overseas;
  • developing, structuring, and implementing international healthcare joint venture arrangements; and
  • implementing domestic and international medical supply and equipment arrangements.

From 1991 until 2016, he was Chairman and CEO of Gemini Consulting Group, Inc., an international healthcare consulting company with offices in London, England and Sydney, Australia. Previously, Mr. McCarthy was the Executive Vice President of a Chicago-based health care consulting company and has also held positions as Vice President and General Manager of a medical device manufacturing company in Chicago and spent five years in increasingly responsible planning positions with the Medical Products Division of 3M Company.

Mr. McCarthy received his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, his J.D. from the Loyola University School of Law, and his M.B.A. from the Keller Graduate School of Management.  He is a member of various state and national organizations, including the American Health Lawyers Association.

Mr. McCarthy is a founder and former member of the Board of Directors of CareSpan Health, Inc., Vancouver, BC. He also previously served on the Board of Directors of the International Space Medicine Consortium, Inc., Washington, D.C. and the Board of Trustees at the University of San Diego, San Diego, California. He is currently a Life Trustee at Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest, Illinois, and also serving on the Board of CrossBraining, Inc. an EdTech company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Organamet Bio, Inc., Houston, TX.

Mr. McCarthy also served for eleven years on the Board of Directors of Wintrust Financial Corporation (WTFC, Nasdaq) Rosement, Illinois, a $53 Billion financial holding company, Hinsdale Bank and Trust Company, Hinsdale, Illinois, Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc. (PPTI) San Diego, California, JMAR Technologies, Inc. (JMAR) San Diego, California, StemCyte, Inc., Covina, California and Sirigen Group Ltd., London, England.

Jeremy Weaver

Jeremy Weaver, co-founder of STP Energy and Solutions, and owner of Surus Group Consulting, a distinguished marketing and research firm headquartered in Kentucky, USA, possesses a remarkable track record spanning over two decades. Throughout his career, Mr. Weaver has showcased his exceptional talents while collaborating with clients across diverse regions including North America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Asia, and notably, Africa, where he has primarily focused on market development and feasibility studies.

While Mr. Weaver's expertise lies in marketing and computer science, his journey has afforded him the unique opportunity to delve into market research across a myriad of industries and cultural landscapes. As a result, he has cultivated an extraordinarily diverse portfolio of experience, encompassing sectors such as manufacturing, retail, agriculture, healthcare, energy, mining, logistics, defense, and politics.

Jeremy Weaver's unwavering commitment to excellence and his innate ability to navigate various industries and cultures have established him as a trusted leader in the field of marketing and research. His innovative approaches and strategic insights continue to drive success for clients worldwide, solidifying his reputation as a dynamic force in the industry.

David Windhorn

David Windhorn, a managing partner with the USCGD, brings a wealth of experience in international projects and a deep commitment to global humanitarian efforts spanning over 25 years.

His journey in humanitarian work began with impactful projects in Grenada, Zimbabwe, and Namibia, where he provided essential aid to local communities. David's dedication led him to expand his efforts in Africa, where he spearheaded fundraising initiatives with Hydrating Humanity, resulting in the construction of vital clean water wells in Tanzania.

Today, David remains dedicated to collaborating with international organizations, using his extensive network to breathe new life into stagnant projects alongside government officials. His adeptness in connecting Ministry officials, specialist technicians, and funders has been pivotal in ensuring the successful execution of national projects.

David's remarkable contributions have earned him prestigious recognition, including the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by President Biden in 2023. Additionally, he has been honored as a Global Peace Ambassador by iChange Nations, further solidifying his status as a leader in global humanitarian endeavors.