The United States Council on Global Development (USCGD) is a prominent organization headquartered in Washington, DC, established in 2019 with a mission to address critical global challenges through consultation and advocacy services. USCGD serves as a strategic partner for businesses, organizations, and governments, offering expertise and solutions in various key sectors including energy, healthcare, infrastructure, housing, and mining.


In the realm of energy, USCGD specializes in advising on sustainable energy practices, renewable energy projects, energy efficiency initiatives, and the transition towards cleaner sources of power. Through partnerships and collaborations, USCGD aims to foster innovation and promote energy security while addressing environmental concerns.


USCGD provides consultation and advocacy services in healthcare, focusing on improving access to quality healthcare services, addressing public health challenges, and advancing healthcare infrastructure globally. This may involve initiatives related to healthcare policy, technology integration, and capacity building in underserved communities.


Infrastructure development is crucial for economic growth and social progress. USCGD offers expertise in infrastructure planning, financing, and implementation, with a focus on sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects. This includes transportation, water and sanitation, telecommunications, and urban development initiatives.


Access to adequate housing is fundamental for human well-being and economic development. USCGD works to promote affordable housing solutions, address housing shortages, and improve living conditions for vulnerable populations. This may involve policy advocacy, investment strategies, and community development programs.


USCGD engages in responsible mining practices, aiming to balance economic benefits with environmental and social considerations. This includes advising on sustainable resource management, promoting responsible mining standards, and supporting communities affected by mining activities.

For inquiries on how USCGD can collaborate with your business, organization, or government entity in these areas or other related sectors, interested parties are encouraged to reach out via email to The USCGD team is committed to facilitating partnerships and delivering impactful solutions to address global development challenges.